1. Navigate to http://lab.captechlab.org and Log in.
  2. Select "Launch VSphere Web Client (FLEX)"

    Please Note: "Launch VSphere Client (HTML5) is compatible with a wider selection of browsers, and the steps are similar, but not exact. 

  3. Navigate "VMs and Templates”

  4. 3. Once under "VMs and Templates", expand the folder structure to starting with "vcenter.captechlab.org", then "CBL", then "03-Production". From there, you should see the folder under which the entire course is deployed, which in this example is "IAE-680".  Below that, is specific deployment you have permissions on, in this case "IAE-680-L01".  This is a group deployment where students are sharing one deployment and working as a team.  An individual deployment would be named "IAE-680-jappleseed"
  5. Then select the Virtual Machine you'd like to access, in this image we chose Web Server.  This Virtual Machine is off. To turn it on, select actions, then "Power On".
  6. Then Select the Summary Tab. If you've installed VMRC, you can then select the Launch Remote Console link and VMRC will open with a console to your virtual machine.

    NOTE: Even though the VM has been powered on, it still shows powered off.  That is because sometimes the web console gets out of sync with vCenter.  To repair this, select the refresh button in the upper right of the vSphere Web Client window as shown below.