1. Username

Modified on Mon, 23 Oct, 2023 at 6:28 PM

Usernames are derived from the name portion of Captechu.edu email address.  

There are 3 systems where you would need to enter your username:

For this example, lets assume the User in question's name is John Doe and has a CapTechU email address of jdoe@captechu.edu:

  1. CapTechLab Password Portal
    John's username would be his CapTechU email address- jdoe@captechu.edu.

    John's CapTechU email address is added to John's CapTechLab account so that there is a secure method of communication, account activation, and account recovery.

  2. CapTechLab's Single Sign On
    To login to CapTechLab's Single Sign On (SSO), John would enter just his username@captechlab.org: jdoe@captechlab.org.

  3. CapTechLab's Lab Environment
    To log into the lab, John has 2 choices (the default domain for users on the lab is set to captechlab.org, which is why is optional):
    • jdoe@captechlab.org
    • jdoe

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